About Me. I’m Alex, and I have been an adjunct since Spring of 2005.  I took a little break after that, but came back to teaching full steam in the Spring of 2009.   I’m a father of a ferocious little girl, husband to a very patient wife, life long learner, avid reader, and aspiring educator.

How I started.  It was the Fall of 2004, and I had just come back from quitting my job in the government.  I was trying to decide what career path to choose. I am a Computer Programmer by trade, but at the time, I was also interested in teaching.  I tried my luck in trying to teach high school math, but I failed the Math Praxis exam twice.  I tried my hand at substitute teaching, but that didn’t go so well, as I was scared off by a couple of 5th graders.   I applied for an adjunct teaching position at a small community college, and was asked to come in to teach.  Low and behold, after numerous presentations to friends and family, I was ready for my close up.  I went in there and lectured in front of 2 senior faculty members, nervous, but ready and got the position. Unfortunately, after my first observation, I was demoralized, and as a result I wasn’t asked to come back.  If you read the “about me”, and the part of where I took a break, it wasn’t exactly by choice.   More to come on this, and how I finally bounced back.

This Blog. Today, I am teaching at a university and at the same community college I initially wasn’t asked to come back to,  as an adjunct.  I decided to start this blog to outline my experiences to aspiring adjuncts, or anyone interested in things I have tried in the classroom.  I have also started adding content about other subjects outside of teaching.

I also am interested in what others have to say regarding their own experiences. My point is that I am not an expert, and what I write is what has worked for me.  Thanks for reading, and I hope that you can get something out of this.